Web Standards: What and Why

Kevin Lawver

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What are Web Standards?

What Kinds Are There?

Dejure Standards

Defacto Standards

Where Do They Come From?

Guerilla Standards

Why Should I Use Them?

Don't Invent New XML Languages!!

The Standards-Based Development Method

Step One: State Your Problem

Step Two: Research

Step Three: Look for Implementations

Step Four: Extend Only if Absolutely Necessary

Case Study: XHTML

Benefits: Consistency

Benefits: Validation

Benefits: Broad Implementation

Benefits: Well Documented and Understood

Guerilla Standards


Example: Microformats

Why Microformats?

Microformats vs. W3C

Example: WhatWG

How Is AOL Involved? W3C

Other Standards Bodies AOL is a Member of

AOL is a Guerilla

How Can I Get Involved?